Mohona Construction & Housing Consultancy Ltd. was established in 2012 as a Real Estate Developing Company and since then has expanded to include other business associated with Real Estate such as Construction and Consultancy. Our Vision is to build apartments, recreation center, hotel, resort, community center and shopping mall on a Co-operative basis. Mohona Construction & Housing Consultancy Ltd is committed to quality design and construction. All the buildings of Mohona Construction & Housing Consultancy Ltd have been designed according to the guideline stated in Bangladesh National Building Code and each building is capable of withstanding the code-specified for natural forces like earthquake and wind. The dedication, hard work and experience of the Mohona Construction & Housing Consultancy Ltd’s team are what make it one of the reliable Real Estate companies to serve our valued customers. We have highly qualified management team & experienced team. So, we are ready to develop your land & proper utilization of your investment.